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Bennett, Joe - PROPHET BABEWATCH (1995) Preliminary Art
FN: 6.0
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COMMENTS: Joe Bennett pencils and inks; unpublished; page 7 prelim; image size 11" x 17"
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Joe Bennett pencils and inks; unpublished; page 7 prelim; image size 11" x 17"

Great unpublished sketch by Bennett. Also features a sketch titled 'Capa Conan' on the back. Pen and ink. Art is in very good condition, it had been folded in half horizontally at some point and there is a crease through the page, there is also a small rectangle that has been cut out of the lower left..

Artist Information

Joe's first major work in comics was for Marvel Comics in 1994. Since then, he has worked on several Marvel titles such as The Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America (vol. 2), Fantastic Four (vol. 3), The Incredible Hulk (vol. 2), Thor, and most recently Captain America and the Falcon. He has also worked for other major publishers such as in Chaos! Comics, CrossGen, Dark Horse, DC Comics and Vertigo. Other credits include Conan the Barbarian, Doc Samson, Elektra (vol. 2), Hawkeye (vol. 3), Nova (vol. 3), X-51: Machine Man, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Birds of Prey, Hawkman (vol. 4), Hawkgirl, The Green Hornet, Mark of Charon and Supreme.

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