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AQUAMAN (1962-78) #1
CBCS VF+: 8.5
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COMMENTS: off-white pages
Cardy art; 1st app. Quisp; Aquaman sequel coming soon!
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off-white pages
Cardy art; 1st app. Quisp; Aquaman sequel coming soon!
There's a strong case to be made for Aquaman being the most underrated, and in many ways most awesome of DC heroes, and his beardo/hookhand makeover in the early 90s is one of the few "extreme" re-dos from the period that actually worked, and stuck, finally pushing the King of the Seven Seas into the spotlight and reminding jaded DC readers that, yeah, being able to use the entire ocean and all its wildlife is actually pretty sweet. After a couple of decades of toiling away as a backup feature in World's Finest, Detective, and others, DC finally gave the seafaring superhero his due and launched his own title. As with Sub-Mariner at Marvel, the sea seemed to attract the most talented of draftsmen, and the fine, feathery pen of Nick Cardy proved perfect for these early Silver Age adventures, his sturdy brushes and firm lines giving the necessary weight and drama to these barrel-chested epics. Now that the aquatic royal aced his own shot at movie stardom in the person of Jason Momoa, collectors are finally cottoning on to how darned rare this book is, and how wildly undervalued. As a result early Aqua-issues are flying out of our stockroom as fast as we can get them in, and this crazy-scarce first issue is among the most demanded of recent years.