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Darick W. Robertson is an American artist best known for his work as a comic book illustrator on series he co-created, notably Transmetropolitan and The Boys.

Robertson has illustrated hundreds of comics in his twenty plus years in the industry. His body of work ranges from science fiction characters of his own creation to work on renowned classic characters from Marvel and DC Comics.

In 2003, Robertson was offered the opportunity to re-launch Wolverine alongside writer Greg Rucka. Robertson, a fan of Wolverine since discovering the character at age 12, accepted the offer, citing a desire to work on the high-profile X-Man for a long time. The new Wolverine series launched at number one in Diamond Comics May 2003 sales charts selling over 160,000 copies.

Some controversy emerged during Robertson and Greg Rucka’s run in regards to a mandate to replace Wolverine’s classic squat design, which Robertson sought to develop and refine, with a design based on the 20th Century Fox X-Men movie franchise look of Wolverine portrayed by Hugh Jackman. Robertson states the Marvel request made him unhappy, but it was a company-wide choice and did not require his work to mimic the appearance of the actor exactly. Darick Robertson worked on Wolverine(Vol 3) for 14 issues.

Following his work on Wolverine, Darick Robertson moved directly to another high-profile X-Men project. Robertson, a stated lifelong fan of X-Man character Nightcrawler, was nominated by Marvel Editor Cebulski, Robertson’s collaborator on X-Men Unlimited, as the artist for the fan-favorite character’s first ongoing series. Robertson, who had once dressed as the teleporting X-Man for Halloween, said at the time, “I never imagined I’d be so lucky as to move onto a Nightcrawler series on the heels of Wolverine, so in some ways it’s still a childhood dream manifesting.”

Working with series writer and playwright Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Robertson aimed to bring the classic swashbuckler aspects of the character back to the forefront as well as explore deeper spiritual aspects of the Catholic hero. In addition to pencils, Robertson took the series as an opportunity to further develop his craft in inking his own work. Nightcrawler ran 12 issues.

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