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Syd Shores Bucky bondage cvr
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ow/white pgs
Syd Shores Bucky bondage cvr
Well, this is quite the departure from the Nazi-bashing covers of yore, as hapless Bucky continues to be bound and endangered, but there is now the threatening specter of another kind, the rise of Good Girl Art, and the cheap thrills offered by horror and crime comics that were moving in on the superhero territory. Soon to snuff out the genre almost entirely, in a symbolic decapitation that mirrors the more adult-themed chills and thrills offered on this interesting genre-blending cover. The sleazy cheroot-munching king provides the icing on the cake of this fascinating design.

Artists Information

High School of Art & Design alum Carmine Infantino got his start in the industry working Timely, a precursor to Marvel Comics, where he would do spot work on anthology features, in his first work at DC he helped create Black Canary and began his long-running involvement with the Flash during his Golden Age era, as well as illustrating the original Green Lantern. After the post-war comic book slump Infantino collaborated with writer Robert Kanigher and editor Julius Schwartz to help bring back superheroes and launch the Silver Age by updating the Flash in the pages of Showcase, the reboot was a huge success and led to the superhero rebirth that has continued into the modern day, Infantino's ability to capture speed and movement on a page made his Flash believable and engaging. Carmine was promoted to Art Director and then Publisher at DC over the course of his illustrious career,

American comic book artist known for his work on Marvel Comics, particularly his co-creation of Whizzer and also his work on Golden Age Captain America.