The Largest Dealer of Vintage Comic Books in the World



COO of Guinness World Record-holding auction house ComicConnect, Vincent Zurzolo, was recently interviewed for an episode of “Comics and Sketchy Collectors” on their YouTube.com channel which delved into the self-made millionaire’s history, personal collection, and business philosophy. During the humorous and informative video segment, narrator Grant Cruise discusses Zurzolo’s humble beginnings as a young comic collector, his collaboration with business partner Stephen Fishler, and takes a look at some of his collectible pieces of comic art; including Gil Kane’s hairy Beast cover for Amazing Adventures #11, and Frank Frazetta’s incredible Buck Rogers cover for Famous Funnies #215.


The profile also discusses ComicConnect’s online auctions, and how the company’s methods deviate from the conventional auctions held on sites like eBay, or at in-person auctions, whose strict rules leave fewer options for bidders who are competing for their desired lots. “We made a decision early on to combat the sneaky practice of sniping of auction lots by allowing our bidders to reset the end time of an lot within the last three minutes,” explained Zurzolo. “By including this function, we end up with a level playing field, and fair auctions that leave our clients with a sense of satisfaction.”

“It is our intention to bring the very best comics and original comic art to our customers, and allow them to bid for as long as they want in order to land that key issue they’ve been eyeing, or a classic page from their favorite artist,” Vincent continued. “We find that the level of engagement and interest in our auctions has continually grown over the years, as our loyal clientele continues to expand along with our business.”

ComicConnect’s Event Auction #43 is currently underway and will be ending next week - Monday, August 24th through Friday the 28th.

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