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We’re excited to share our new site with you!

Our website has been completely redesigned to provide our customers with an improved buying / bidding experience.

Upgraded Searches

The top search bar will search not only title, but descriptions and issue notes as well! Try searching Punisher. Not only will you get Punisher titles including every one-shot and series, but you’ll also get notable Punisher appearances like his debut in Amazing Spider-Man #129.


And for our Original Art lovers, an enhanced search so you can search for Artwork by artist!

We hope these enhancements will assist our customers in their collecting!

Payments and Security

An entirely new architecture was deployed with current technologies which will require you to re-enter your credit card information in your profile. For your security we do not store your credit card information on our servers. The information is “vaulted” and secured by our payment processor.

To add a new credit card under your account, first make sure you're logged in, then go to "My Account" "Account Settings" and select "Payment Methods" and follow the prompts. You can even have several credit cards on file and set a default!




New and Improved Client Dashboard

See all of your site activity in one quick place. Whether you are buying, selling, listing for sale, or want to look at an invoice, you're just a click away.

And for Auctions, a Toolbar at the bottom of your screen to assist in placing multiple bids, view bidding alerts, refresh the page and view your shopping cart. 



Other Updates

We've also updated our Privacy Policy and User Agreement.


Thank you for your patience as we will be adding additional features shortly and please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any issues or concerns.

We are happy to help!