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Campbell, J. Scott - PLAYSTATION MAGAZINE #47 Cover
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PUBLISHER: Playstation
COMMENTS: J. Scott Campbell pencils/Tim Townsend inks; cover; 2001; image size 12" x 16"
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J. Scott Campbell pencils/Tim Townsend inks; cover; 2001; image size 12" x 16"

Stunning Spider-Man cover by Campbell and Townsend from the July 2001 issue, created during their acclaimed run of Spider-Man covers. Pen and ink. Art is in excellent condition. Signed by Campbell and Townsend.

Artists Information

Tim Townsend is a veteran comic book artist who's inked for many different publishers including Marvel, DC and Image. Tim's most notable works include Uncanny X-men, Doctor Strange and the Amazing Spider-Man.

Since entering the winning piece in an "Invent the ultimate video game" contest at the age of 15, J. Scott Campbell has been a superstar illustrator in the comic book and video game industry for over two decades. Campbell rose to fame while working for Wildstorm comics and later was one of four co-founders for Cliffhanger productions where he would co-create one of his most notable works; "Danger-Girl". J. Scott's art is instantly recognizable among comic book fans as he known for his animated pin-up style and dynamic figures. Today he bounces back forth illustrating for both Marvel and DC, doing covers for major cross-over events as well as special variants for regular issues. His works on the Amazing Spider-Man drew in new readers and assuredly led to an uptick in sales for an already super popular title.