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DETECTIVE COMICS (1937-2011; 2016-) #62
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2nd Joker cover; classic Joker story
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off white pgs
2nd Joker cover; classic Joker story
The face of the Joker has become one of the best-known images of the 20th Century, burned into the brains of comics fans and non-readers alike. Jerry Robinson's greatest contribution to pop culture, a macabre hybrid of The Man Who Laughed, villainous clown, and pulp baddie, arguably as popular as the Batman himself, is the single-most-requested cover rogue in comics collecting. His classic Golden Age appearances invariably command top prices in any condition, as rabid Clown Prince of Crime collectors vie over copies, rarely, if ever, putting their treasures back on the market, making them even more valuable and sought-after. This issue, boasting the classic image of multiple Joker visages across a barrage of balloons, is among the toughest to track down in acceptable condition, and is probably one of Robinson's best Joker frontispieces. While early Batman issues could look crude and blocky as Bob Kane's army of staff artists labored to approximate his boxy style, Robinson's Joker was in a class by itself, always complex and startling, and leap years ahead of any other renditions through to the Bronze Age.

Artists Information

A celebrity comic artist of the Golden Age, co-created Batman and Robin with Bill Finger, as his brainchild became more in demand he hired an army of ghost artists to illustrate the dearth of Batman features on the market, but all were credited to Kane. His other achievements include the creation of Catwoman, Two-Face and cartoon character Courageous Cat. Kane was the object of some controversy for taking credit for the art and inspiration of others, but he was also undoubtedly an important figure in the history of comics. He published an updated version of his autobiography "Batman and Me: The Saga Continues" shortly before his death in 1998. He got his start at the Eisner/Iger studio and was inducted into the Will Eisner Comic Book Hall of Fame.

Sherrill David Robinson known as Jerry Robinson, was an American comic book artist known for his work on DC Comics' Batman line of comics during the 1940s. He is best known as the co-creator of Robin and the Joker and for his work on behalf of creators' rights. He was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2004.

George Roussos also known under the pseudonym George Bell, was an American comic book artist best known as one of Jack Kirby's Silver Age inkers, including on landmark early issues of Marvel Comics' Fantastic Four. Over five decades, he created artwork for numerous publishers, including EC Comics, and he was a staff colorist for Marvel Comics.