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PUBLISHER: Eastern Color
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Frazetta Buck Rogers cover
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ow/w pages
Frazetta Buck Rogers cover

Buck Rogers was one of the first science-fiction heroes in the history of the genre, beginning life in a novella, then moving into the pulps, Rogers was soon assimilated by the newspapers in comic strip form, eventually ending up in serials, movies, and, of course, comic books. One of Buck’s most celebrated entries into the world of four-color comics was Famous Funnies #211, an anthology title that bears the lofty distinction of being recognized as the first official comic book in the history of the industry. The real draw to this particular issue is the presence of the celebrated and extremely talented Frank Frazetta, whose cover design is a cut above the standard fare of the era. Moving on to become the greatest fantasy artist of his day, any comic book featuring Frazetta artwork is sure to draw attention, and for good reason. Any way you slice it, this is a classic Golden Age sci-fi issue with a cover created by one of the greats of the history of the industry.

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